Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nicaragua Sports Ministry - May 19, 2012

Prayer team:
I'm sure you are all aware that our team is now back safe and sound in the USA . We had no serious injuries, no illnesses, no infection in the scrapes our soccer players got on the gravel and concrete fields, no infection in a nasty cut sustained the dump, and no harm sustained (other than, perhaps, a few broken hearts). God kept His children safe in Nicaragua and we are grateful for your prayers
I believe God also blessed our time and efforts. We had 20 + hands go up to accept Christ after one soccer game, and 4 more came forward and accepted Christ as their savior Sunday morning. Ours was the first American soccer team that Oscar has hosted in his ministry, and doors were opened by our presence and servant's heart.

Among the Americans, we had 20 who were obedient to go to Nicaragua, we saw amazing ministry in action, and while I will let each of them tell you, their prayer partners, in person how they were impacted, I am confident that each of our 20 has grown closer to the Savior, and adjusted our American compasses a bit to better align with God's compass. Thank you so much for your prayers for team unity and harmony. This was a wonderful group of guys and gals that worked very hard and got along great - as well as any short term mission team I have ever led or been with. A remarkable feat for such a large team.

As our final prayer requests, please pray for the team as they process what they've seen and done. Re-entry into the states can be a bit difficult or disconcerting after a trip like this. For at least half the team, it was their first time in a developing or 3rd world country, and reentry tend to be more complicated after that first trip.  Please pray also that each of the 20 will embrace the many opportunities they will have to share what they did, and saw God do, in manner that is pleasing to the Savior and glorifies Him.

Thank you again for your prayers. We are most grateful and humbled for your willingness to lift us up these past 10 days.