Friday, June 1, 2012

Nicaragua Sports Mission Team Summary

Update from Sports Ministry Mission Team Lead by Tallahassee attorney Scott Gwartney.

The dorms looked great… and we thanked you by name every time we walked into that AC! Tallahassee felt downright cool when we got home!

Had a great trip. We had 12 college soccer players + a girlfriend + Chris Albanese and his wife. Then we had 5 old folks in their 40s mixed in with all those 18 – 21 year olds (Chris is 27). They played lots of soccer against everything from a high school team, club teams and even the defending 6-on-6 national champs.  I think our American guys just being there and playing well opened a lot of doors for Oscar.  After a testimony from one of our guys and brief talk from Oscar, we saw 20+ hands go up to accept Christ at one mid-field post-game huddle!  We had one young man who preached Sunday at Oscar’s church, and 4 more came forward to accept Christ. We did the feeding & VBS thing about 5 times, and my team was very sobered by the dump and the hospital.

We worked ‘em hard, but I think they were richly rewarded. It was a first mission trip for most of them.