Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oscar Corea and family

Mission Team Oscar Corea and his family are doing a great work in Nicaragua. God has blessed them with the opportunity to feed over 10,000 children a day.

History of Work in Jamaica as we begin 2011 season

In 1978 a group of Florida pastors formed a partnership with church's in Jamaica. The purpose was to assist with leadership training, VBS, construction and medical teams. Charles Pinkerton (IIM) has been involved in the 'Jamaica Baptist Mission' since the beginning. About 14 years ago he became the director of the project, along with Bob Bishop from Chiefland, FL. Bob was a contractor and served the project until about three years ago when he retired.

The average number of people going to Jamaica each summer is about 60, with highs of over 300, and lows of about 25. At one point the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention took over the project for a three year period.

They then gave the project back to Jamaica Mission and we have continued over the years building churches, repairing roofs after storms, houses for pastors, and repairing school and college buildings. In 2005 when IIM was formed the mission in Jamaica was put under the umbrella of our Central America and Caribbean ministry. Our leadership team grew to include Skip Eastman, Jim Watkins and Steve Smith. Currently the team consists of Wynemia Pickles, Jim Watkins and Chris Serigo, along with IIM director Charles Pinkerton. At present we have a group of about 45 going to do VBS and light construction. We will work in 4 church's, one regular school, one girl’s school, and a community project. Its not to late to sign up for Jamaica if you have a group of youth, a SS class, or others group that might be interested call Charles at 334-685-4128.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Medical Mission Update - Nicaragua

Our 14 member medical team had a tremedous week at 5 different locations seeing over 1200 patients and feeding 1800 children. Our nurse is examining a mother and daughter while the young ladies in the pharmacy fill prescriptions. Medical missions are desperately needed in Nicaragua.

Update from Jason - US Military

As I prepare to go to sleep tonight, I can hear chanting in the distance.  The Shia are celebrating the Day of Ashura in which they remember the martyrdom of two of Muhammad’s grandsons in AD 580.  For the past nine days, the Shia held processionals in the streets in which some of the men traditionally beat their backs until they are bloody.  Today is the climax of the celebration when some Shia men add the cutting of their heads to the continued back beating.  A bloody ritual, no doubt.  But against this backdrop of different worldviews and cultures, I want you to know that the love of God is alive, active and still in the business of changing people’s lives.  I see it every day and it’s happening because people are joining together and praying for the souls of service members in Iraq.  Through your intercession, I praise God tonight confident that many are finding eternal hope in the Lord.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cost Rica - March 2011

The project consisted of 53 people on the ground in Turrialba, C.R. They were broken into two teams. The construction part was to take off the existing roof of Messenger of Hope Church by removing all the zink roofing and cutting the existing metal frame and rolling it on its side on the existing church roof.
The team then added metal to the existing frame and for the floor joist to hold the materials for the floor. Metal studs were used instead of wood. Then they rolled & welded old metal room frame back into place, welded it together...walled it inside and out, and put new zink on the top. This was done in eight and half days at the same time others on the team did work at local schools, orphanages and day care center, two feeding programs a VBS and a youth retreat. A huge thank you to the construction teams, members of the David Melvin staff, youth who headed the other ministries, pastors Paul & Britt from RCC. God blessed and we had an awesome time eating grill cheese, fried chicken, and home made tamales. Thank You Lord for the salvations and lives touched.