Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prayer Request

Please be in prayer for our soldier as he is serving in a tough area currently.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nicaragua Construction Needs

A feeding shack is badly needed at a new feeding site. As you can see the photo above, when it rains they have a hard time cooking for the children.  They are in severe need of a new church building. The one they have is made out of cardboard. They have over 300 children at this site and there is a great need. We need $500.00 dollars for a good cooking shack and $9,000.00 dollars to build a new church. This includes space for the pastor’s house and his family in the back of the church.

In the photos of the dump area different families need homes. They currently live in cardboards and plastic homes that are not safe for the children. You can see a model concrete house we raised the funds to build the pastors house for $4,000 dollars we could help a family with a nice concrete house safe for the children with a concrete floor we can help make the difference and will give us the opportunity wide open to share Christ love with over 200 hundred families. These people have been in this condition for over 11 years and no government or anybody has ever helped them in any way. They believe in us because of the feeding program. We help make the difference and point them up to Jesus.

Nicaragua Soccar Camp - 25 Saved


We just did a one week indoor soccer tournament where we had 36 local teams playing. The gospel was shared with street kids and youth during the tournament. We shared refreshments with the players and even sandwich at the final games at the end of the week. The winning teams had to come to a youth church service at our church to receive their trophies where a plan of salvation was presented and 25 street kids prayed to receive Christ. We have found out tournaments are very effective for the kingdom. The reason we didn't have more teams was because we limited the number that could register. We could have had a lot more teams. This is something the Lord is laying on my heart to do at least every three months in different areas. I'm telling you it's so easy to get them to play soccer and then share the gospel, but we need the resources to buy trophies, indoor soccer balls, pay referees, buy refreshments etc. This would be something great to do when we have a team here to do missions.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Information on Haiti

Check out the new Haiti Mission Project List and Guidelines on the Haiti page of the IIM Website! These are new guidelines that Israel has just put out.

Monday, June 13, 2011

TN Team in Costa Rica

The Team from TN arrived in Costa Rica Saturday evening. Caleb Hodges, a young powerful pastor and Bro Charles (IIM) preached in the two Sunday morning services at a local church in the city of Yurrialba. God’s power and spirit were very evident in these services with over 300 decisions during these two services!

The TN group had a children’s activity at 4PM at the Messenger of Hope church. Over 100 children came out with their parents! This proved to be an awesome time filled with Bible stories, ice cream, goodies and gifts. During this activity many young parents were reached who had been previously unchurched.

Sunday night 4 men left out headed up in the mountains to work with missionary Timothy Jones for a few days. Please continue to pray that the group has a mighty week here in Costa Rica!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Hungry Child

The feeding Units that Oscar Corea serves as the point man for in Nicaragua meet a desperate need for the nation's children.


Oscar Corea works with about 4000 kids each year in sports programs to provide hope and share the Gospel each year. In to the sports camps he works with over 60 feeding units that feed over 9,000 children each day. Oscar needs a simple structure to cook/feed under when weather is bad for some of the feeding units.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Haiti Mission Work - Israel Francois

IIM Contact, Israel Francois has the following update regarding the work on mission efforts in Haiti. Haiti still needs money for tents so that people have shelter. Several families have been helped through a combined effort by partnering with Umbrella for Haiti. This is a 1 million tent project with help from many sources out of South Florida and other areas. Many of the Haitian refuges are in South Florida and need assistance with food, housing and medical treatment. Medical treatment has been very limited since most do not have insurance. We will be announcing several mission projects into Haiti soon. These mission projects will allow IIM volunteers many different opportunities to help in Haiti.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BCF - Melvin Engineer Team Update from Costa Rica

Construction work on 2nd story of Ed Building

More construction on Ed Building

Plaque of dedication thanking the mission teams

BCF Students leading in worship

A group of students from the Baptist College of Florida are working on a mission’s project in Turrialba, Costa Rica. The BCF group is working with a crew from Melvin Engineering Company, Marianna, FL have been doing construction work on the rooms and ceilings of the 2nd story education building at Messenger of Hope Church in Turrialba. They are continuing work done in Jan/Feb by Melvin Engineering which put the 2nd story on the education building. In addition to construction, this group is also leading in some praise and worship. The church was so happy about the efforts of this group they place a plaque of dedication to thank the teams.