Thursday, July 14, 2016

Eden Baptist Church 2016 Missions

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Eden Baptist Church, (EBC) Brooksville, FL, took a team of seven to serve with On Eagles Wings Ministries (OEWM) in Leon, Nicaragua on June 11-18, 2016.  This was the church’s fourth experience in working with this organization.  Its founders, Oscar and Rosibel Corea, and their team once again coordinated an amazingly diverse missions experience for the team.   We connected with OEWM through Rev. Charles Pinkerton, founder and director of International Impact Ministries (IIM).  

Pastor Damont was able to preach several times and also spoke at the weekly leadership meeting, which involved churches from several denominations in Leon. Many seeds were planted and the Lord also gave a harvest during the services.  It was such a blessing to worship the Lord with Nicaraguan brothers and sisters and enjoy their lively music. 

The team went to El Limonal in Chinandega and was able to meet the family who was the recipient of the next house provided from funds raised by EBC.  This was the third house EBC has been able to construct in this community.  While there, the team was able to help break ground for the house.  They were also able to share a bible story and the gospel, serve the children attending the church’s weekly feeding program, paint nails and faces, and just interact with the children and their families. Pastor Damont and Kathie were able to visit the children they support and both families introduced them to their new babies!

The Women’s Missions and Ministries at EBC involved the entire church in this missions trip through a pillowcase dress project.  Over 200 pillowcase dresses were made with the inscription “Jesús me ama” embroidered on one of the pockets.  Also, over 200 pairs of shorts and shirts for boys were collected.  What a joy it was for the team to distribute these items and see the smiles on the faces of the children. 

The team visited the local hospital and was able to meet many children. They had prayer with them and their families and distributed candy, toys, and clothes that EBC had collected.   Also, they went to several villages and cooked meals for the children and had a great time playing with them.  Most importantly, they were able to share the gospel through songs, bible stories, and testimonies.  This year, the team was also able to go into a local elementary and high school to share bible stories, testimonies, and the gospel message.  Due to the earthquakes that Nicaragua experienced this week, the team was able to help distribute food in a village in Puerto Morazan.  Ninety percent of the men that live in this community are fishermen and the government had forbidden them to fish due to a tsunami threat because of the earthquakes.  Therefore, the families had no income and were running out of food.  Through Oscar’s ministry, 12,000 pounds of fortified rice was distributed to needy families.  The team also served a meal to the families, and Pastor Damont was able to share the gospel.

The team was blessed to hear Oscar’s testimony again, and he has an incredible story of God’s miraculous work in his life.  Rosibel also shared her testimony and she, too, has an amazing testimony of the way God brought her to salvation.  This special couple loves the Lord and He has blessed both their marriage and ministry in extraordinary ways.  It was a privilege and joy for the team to serve with them.

Pastor Damont and Kathie were also able to serve with Oscar and his team this past December and were able to see what OEWM does when a team from the U.S. is not there.  They just keep going!  Each day brought new opportunities to serve in villages to share the gospel, feed the children, distribute Christmas presents, and share the love of Jesus. 

            Eden Baptist Church has committed to continue to pray for, support financially, and send teams to serve with OEWM because they have proven themselves to be an organization committed to reaching the lost for Christ as well as helping to meet their physical needs.  By scheduling our trip through Pastor Charles with IIM, EBC has found it to be a unique and high-quality missions experience.  And, to be able to work directly with a Nicaraguan team who already has relationships with their people makes it easier to have effective missions trips. The beautiful accommodations and delicious food at The Dream Center makes the stay comfortable and enjoyable.  EBC has seen the miraculous ways God has provided for OEWM over the past four years and know that He has even greater things in store for them. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Hello from Haiti:

What a delightful week!!!  Chets Creek Church combined with the University of North Florida to being us new computers for the computer lab.  The university students loaded the computers with educational software.  They brought the computers to Haiti and are teaching our teachers how to use the new software.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each afternoon I have devotion with the cooks and cleaning people.  I love doing this.  These people love the Lord with all their hearts.  I have much to learn about faith from them.    Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We still need summer school teachers.  Time is running out to apply for this.   It helps the children so much to have an American teacher for reading in English in the summer.  We can tell which ones have had summer school by how well they read.  We will hold summer school with as many teachers as we get.  Please keep summer school in prayer.

We would also love to have people who can teach computer skills this summer to our teachers and older students.  They need to learn Windows, Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.  This could be done with different teachers coming for 1 week at a time.  Please keep this in prayer.

I am so glad I decided to follow Jesus.  I am so glad I answered the call to come to Haiti.  I have never regretted either decision.  I love seeing the progress the children are making.  We are teaching future doctors and lawyers and senators and evangelists, etc.  They will go out and do things I can never do.  And they will go out with Jesus in their hearts.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for making it possible for me to be here.  Thank you for making it possible for these children to be in school.  Thank you for caring about children in Haiti.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless you,

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Oscar's Mission Update Spring 2015

God bless you papa. I pray you and mama are doing well and bless in Jesus name. We are doing well thanks to the Lord. God is good. Everything went well with Oral Roberts University team. I think they had a great experience and we worked them hard. They helped us paint some houses at the dump and helped us mix concrete for the play ground at the dump as well and helped us paint some of the rooms at the dream center and feed the children at different feeding programs and even helped other teams with the clinics with Gods eyes and Rivertown Community Church team. The doctors from Gods Eyes that came with Rivertown Community Church blessed us with the eye exam machine and the lenses to do the eye exams so we are trained now to do the eye exams and share the Gospel with others and the love of Jesus using that platform by providing eye exams and glasses to the people. Thank you papa for investing in us so that we could go panama to receive the training needed. I love you and miss you papa. We pray for you and mama everyday with love your son in Christ Oscar Corea and family.

P.S. RCC gave me 5500 cash money to build another home at the dump. We are so happy and blessed. 

More Updates from these trips and pictures will be coming soon!!! Mission teams please remember to send in your pictures and stories about your trip.

Monday, January 19, 2015

$11,000 Raised for Houses

Celebration Baptist Church in Tallahassee, FL has raised $11,000 for the construction of two new houses at the Dump Ministry in Nicaragua. They will be working with Bro Oscar in Nicaragua to get these houses built. A construction team will be going to Nicaragua in March 2015 to build these houses. The Dump Ministry in Nicaragua ministers to people in terrible conditions and who are in desperate need of housing.

Oscar's Mission Report 2014

This is Oscar’s Annual Ministry Report for Jan – Dec 2014.

We can truly say that 2014 was a very bless year for OEWM and all our network of 60 churches. We were able to share the love of Jesus over 200 times through the different platforms the Lord has provided.

Thank you so much for helping us go and share the life changing message of Jesus Christ with so many people in Nicaragua.
  • We feed over 60 thousand children not including pregnant ladies, elder people and disable people.
  • Over 10 churches got benefitted with kitchen utensils and equipped to cook and feed the children, with a new concrete stove, knives, pots, bowls, spoons, etc 
  • Five houses were built at the dump and we are working on 2 more right  now. A total number of 9 houses for 9 families plus the 2 being worked on now have been built.
  • Four churches this year built two clinics to provide medicine to those that need it, and three kitchen stoves for the feeding programs. 
  • Over 1800 people received medical assistance through medical missions and over 1000 were blessed with eye exams and new glasses. 
  • We began a soccer academy where hundreds of teenagers and children and youth receive the fundamentals but most important discipleship through Gods word, plus the opportunity to take a girls soccer team to the national tournament, and a semi pro boys to the national tournament.
  • Over 80,000 thousand people were discipled and received leadership training through the different platforms the God has provided including the children at the feeding programs, T.V programs, radio programs, medical missions, churches and houses constructions where hundreds have opened up their heart to the Lord. (a huge thanks to FMSC for the Mana Pack rice they provide to our ministry)...
  • 30 visits to the hospital to provide food to the homeless outside the hospital and help provide medicine  to the needy and evangelize them. 
  • Visited 7 high schools to do evangelistic work and share testimonies with the students and teachers and even the parents.
  • 6 ladies conferences were held to reach over 300 ladies to help equip and expand the gospel. 
  • 5 youth conferences were done through the year.
  • 14 leadership conferences including the Global leadership from Willow Creek were completed.
  • 2 visits to the prison to share with 600 inmates where some were saved and some rededicated their lives to the Lord.
  • 2 youth concerts were held
  • 3 evangelistic crusades where hundreds gave their lives to the Lord  and some rededicated, and were able to impact the pastors with new ideas, and strategies and motivate them to work the way we do.
  • 2000 children received a smile on their face by receiving a new toy and we still have a couple more activities to go yet....

And a huge shout out to the Lord for the Dream Center, about 80% of it is completed a special thanks to the Bjork family for being obedient and willing to give to the Lord for the Dream to come true. Thank you all so much for all you do for the Kingdom and to help us do the work God has sent us to do. Please keep us in your prayers as we will continue to pray for you all for the Lord to continue providing us the resources and sending the people down to continue building Gods Kingdom together.

On behalf of our team please and family we wish you all a Happy New Year. We love you all, thank you for being a part of our family.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Missions Report From Eden Baptist Church

The team from Eden Baptist Church had a wonderful missions trip to Nicaragua June 14-22, 2014, and was blessed once again by working with Oscar and Rosibel and their awesome team.  Pastor Damont enjoyed preaching at the Rose of Sharon Church on Sunday morning and again on Monday evening at the youth service. Connie Rivenbark and Kathie Drake shared their testimonies in the Sunday morning worship service and Pastor Blair shared a devotion on Monday evening.

The team went to the city dump in Chinandega on Monday morning where they toured the area and saw several of the homes that have been built through Oscar’s ministry.  Damont and Kathie were able to meet the two children we sponsor and that was such a huge blessing.  Kathie was able (through a translator) to talk at length with them and to begin a relationship.

We were happy to see the new tables with tile tops that had been added since our trip last year.  This made ministering there so much easier.  Also the pharmacy had been completed.  We shared bible stories, played games, and did several other activities with the children. 

We met the young woman whose house we would be building with the funds Eden Baptist had provided.  Seeing her current living conditions and hearing her share about what this gift meant to her and her family was a huge blessing to the team.  The men began construction on her house and were able to work there four days.  A couple of the men also worked on another house at the dump. 

While the men were at the dump, the women went to two feeding centers each day and prepared and served food, shared bible studies, and did other activities with the children.  The plan of salvation was shared in the villages, and we made almost 400 salvation necklaces as a reminder of how to be saved.   The children received a copy of what the beads on the necklaces stood for (in Spanish) to take home to their families.  Aneriam was our translator and he is an exceptional godly man.  Oscar has trained his staff extremely well, and we were especially impressed with how well Aneriam interacted with the children.  He truly has a love for God and for children.

We were able to visit the dream center and were amazed and blessed to see what all has been built since our last visit.  We had prayer walked the area (which was just grass) last year.   Now the first level of the center is almost completed! God has truly provided for this center through the generosity of donors and is fulfilling the vision He gave to Oscar.  We expect many amazing things to happen here in the future.  We were also able to clean the inside of the storage unit as a new shipment of rice was arriving the following day.

We visited the local hospital and were able to meet many children.   We had prayer with them and their families and distributed candy, toys, and clothes that our team had collected.

We went to a ballpark on Saturday and shared the gospel with many people in the bleachers.  Three young men and one older woman prayed to received Christ.  One of Oscar’s team members was so excited because these young men were neighbors of his and he planned to follow up with them.  An older man indicated he wanted to read the bible we gave him to learn more about accepting Christ because he thought it was a difficult process.  He thought only Jews were supposed to read the bible!  But, the gospel was shared with him and he said he felt like he would make that decision after reading the bible for himself. 

We prayed with several others that indicated that they were believers but had some prayer requests.  Many bibles and tracts were distributed.  Damont shared a devotion between games and gave an invitation to accept Christ.   Several children and men indicated they made that decision. 

After the trip to the ballpark, we were taken to a local beach and treated to a wonderful meal, which we all enjoyed.  We went to the market on the way back to shop and to have one last visit to the local ice cream shop!

We had devotions with our team in the evenings and had time to share about our daily activities. We were also blessed to hear Oscar’s testimony.  I am sure he gets tired of sharing it with each group, but he has an amazing testimony of God’s work in his life.  It touches the hearts of all who hear it and makes them feel as if they know him personally. 

We are so impressed with all the men and women who serve on Oscar’s team.  They are so kind and friendly, and they work so hard.  They start early in the morning and finish late in the evening.  The men are very protective of us when we are out.  They all love the Lord and it shows in how they treat not only us, but also everyone in the villages.  And the food. . . we think we will lose weight when we go, but not the way these women cook.  The food is excellent and the freshly made juice each day is delicious.  These women work so hard and they are always either cooking or cleaning.  There is so much love in their smiles as they interact with us and they truly make us feel welcome.  The entire team has a deep love and respect for Oscar and Rosibel, which clearly shows through in their interactions with them.  And the feelings are mutual as we see how Oscar and Rosibel treat them with the same love and respect.

It is truly a blessing to be able to serve with On Eagle’s Wings Ministry.  Our church is already raising money to build another house at the dump next year.  The team members developed a spiritual bond with Oscar and Rosibel and his team, and look forward to returning to Nicaragua to serve the Lord with them.  As Pastor Charles stated, they are the “real deal”!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Prayers Answered in Nicaragua!!!



God is good! This building you see here is the pharmacy, a clinic, a recovery room and a lab.

The goal is to serve the community and evangelize everyone that comes to receive medical assistance as they will receive free health care, and also to assist our pastors that we are working with through our feeding programs and anyone in their congregation that needs health assistance.

The pharmacy is almost finish and ready to run as soon as we work out a few details such as put up windows, equipped the facilities with furniture and load up the pharmacy with meds.

We will need $ 600.00 dollars a month to run everything mentioned.

We need $200.00 to pay a local Christian Doctor a basic salary a month to see patients on the weekly basis and we need $400.00 to keep the pharmacy stocked with meds to keep it running.

We need you support and prayers. This is a dream come true! A year ago this pharmacy and clinic was only a dream, but  today the Lord has answered our prayers. Thank the Lord first to Him for His honor and glory. We also thank IIM for their support and being the instrument God has used to bless our ministry and thousands of children here in Nicaragua. Also to all those that have supported these projects by giving to this cause, may the Lord keep you and bless you all.