Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nicaragua Sports Ministry - May 12, 2012


Last night was a melee of soccer starting with a rematch against the local high school kids playing an indoor version of 6 on 6  that was reminiscent of a human pin ball game. The boys played well and earned the respect of the local players and evened the score.  Our team showed good sportsman ship and represented our mission and County well.  Prayer followed with testimonies and heart felt kinship in His name. 

Oscar, has done a wonderful job of motivating the local teens and young adults to participate in his sports ministry.  In fact, they spent Friday on the field playing and worshipping rather than hanging out on the streets.  Many are from broken homes and have no one to mentor them or steer them away from local gangs. Oscar has proven to be an amazing role model showing how kids from broken homes can find a safe place and experience God´s love.  It´s great to watch!!  It´s even better to be a part of the experience.

Fortunately, no injuries to report in today's game but the heat index was over 100.  Lots of water kept them hydrated on fields of mostly dirt.  The heat drained the players who will get some well deserved R and R this evening.  During the big game today the non soccer players entertained the children with ring around the rosey, the limbo, and bubble busting, The kids had a great time but the adults had even more fun.  Big smiles!

Tonight we are off to the city after supper for ice cream and a bit of sight seeing.