Friday, August 23, 2013

A Good Word From Haiti

Greetings from Haiti,

I am starting school in Haiti for the 14th time.  WOW!!!  How time flies when you're having fun!!!!!  I would not be here without the people back in the USA who pray for me and support the ministry.  Thank you for allowing me to be in Haiti!   May the Lord bless you as you have blessed me!!!!!

This has been clean up week.  The janitorial staff has been working hard cleaning ceiling fans, wiping fingerprints, etc. in an effort to have the classrooms spiffy clean when the teachers return next week.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!

We are truly blessed with a wonderful support staff.  Teachers are important, but you just try running a school without janitors!!!!!   These people are often ignored but are very important.  The janitors are also our baby feeders.  So, as a thank you, we took the janitors and cooks and orphanage staff out for pizza!  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!

Another school year is starting.  We have done a major re-shuffling of teachers and schedules.  Many teachers in Haiti have not finished high school.  We have teachers who were "high school dropouts" when they started teaching.  They were very intelligent and willing to work hard, but lacked money for tuition.  We encouraged them to go back and finish high school and we paid the tuition.  I will always remember the sight of Jack dancing in the schoolyard when he passed Philo, the last Haitian exam!!!!  He suddenly saw himself as the capable, intelligent person he is!  Now, Jack is in 4th year of university.  Our high school dropout will be teaching in high school this year!  He is one of our best teachers!!!!! Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!

We have 1 teacher finishing high school and 5 teachers in Quisqueya University.  Tuition averages about $1250 per semester, 3 semesters per year.  By the end of August, I will need tuition money for these teachers.  Education changes lives!!  Our teachers will change the lives of students who will change the lives of their families and neighborhoods.  It will go on and on and on. This program works!!!!!   But I need help with the tuition!!!  Please pray that these teachers can continue going to the university.  Haiti needs good Christian teachers!

Please continue to pray for long term help here.  The ministry has grown - the staff needs to grow also.  Micah & Rachel & David have been doing a wonderful job, but we need more.  We need teachers and administrators and organizers and all sorts of people.  I know Papa is speaking to them!  Pray they have ears to hear and willing hearts.

Teachers arrive on Tuesday.  Please keep our new school year in prayer.  We are adding a classroom and putting another class in a storeroom because there just is not enough space. 

Please continue to keep our legal issues in prayer.  We now have 2 Haitian attorneys working on our case to force the man who deceived us into returning the money he has for the land he tried to sell us but did not own. 
In the meantime, we are still searching for the best place to house the orphanage.  That land is not available but I know Papa has a plan.  The Lord knew before the creation of the earth that this would happen.  Papa has it all under control.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!  Please pray the thief accepts Jesus and becomes our friend!

Here's a God story for today. David flew to Ft. Pierce, Florida from Haiti for medical treatment for a blood clot in his leg. He was going to rent a car to drive to Alabama. Laura and Leonard Bell told him Leonard would come get him because he shouldn't be driving. It occurred to him last night he did not have a drivers license with him so he would not have been able to rent a car. He got a ride with some folks (Mike & Bonnie) from south Florida to Jacksonville who were on the same flight. These folks only had cash, but you can't rent a car with cash. David had a credit card. The folks would have been stuck without David and David would have been stuck without them. God opened up the schedule so Leonard could come get him.  Another twist, Leonard randomly chose a hotel for everyone to meet at. He picked one directly across the street from Mike's sister's neighborhood, which is where Mike & Bonnie planned to spend the night!  There are no coincidences, but God's hand at work.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!! 

God bless you,

Sherrie Fausey
Christian Light School and Children's Home - Haiti
PO Box 2190

St. Augustine, FL 32085-2190

Update from Pakistan - Photos Included

Pastor Charles 

We all are fine by the grace of God and serving to the Lord. We had wonderful & successful two meetings of Church leadership on 12 & 13 July in Burewala city south Punjab where 80 and in Mian Channu where 48 Pastors, Evangelists, social leaders came together. South Punjab is much unreached where there is small number of servants of God. God gave me vision for these regions to reach with gospel and to train & equip to believers for expending the kingdom of God. We prayed together and I delivered the sermon from Luke 4:17-19, and encouraged to all, I gave them challenge of evangelism & Church planting. The spirit of the Lord touched to all leaders they received so abundantly blessings & gave glory to God, filled with joy and took stand to reach out people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in their regions in unity. They said that they want such kind of amazing & souls saving campaigns & Conferences. They have promised us that all Churches will stand with us shoulder by shoulder. So together will reap the great harvest of souls and then new Churches will be plant and leaders shall be train and the kingdom of God shall be expend.
I and local team had full cooperative meeting with Member National Assembly of Pakistan (Chohdry Muhammad Naziar Ahmad) Burewala so thank God who touching leaders and preparing them for our favor & help so we could proclaim the Good News to unreached & lost people.

Papa now I request you please keep my wedding in your prayers that will be held in October last week. Thank you so much and God bless you richly

His Servant,

Imran Sadiq

Update from Timothy Jones in Costa Rica

Hey there to all of you. We have had many blessings this summer. Here are a few.

During the first week of June I set up a new translation office at our place in Grano de Oro. As I was going through my stuff, I flipped open a book and my eyes fell on a subtitle which said: LACK OF VERNACULAR BIBLE.  It was a discussion of the mass conversion of Armenia in the 300’s under the leadership of Gregory.

One of the major problems in the movement was that the Armenians did not have the Bible in their own tongue. In fact, their language had not yet been reduced to writing. So for the first century of its existence, the Armenian church had to get along with Syriac and Greek versions of the Bible. In church services the preachers had to translate from these versions into the vernacular for the benefit of the people. Not only did people not have a Bible to study on their own, but the preachers themselves were deficient in their understanding of the Syriac or Greek, so their renditions of the text were at best deficient. To make matters worse, when the Persians came into control they forbade any use of the Greek language and burned Greek books. The present Armenian alphabet was devised to stabilize and strengthen the Armenian church in its struggle to maintain its existence against Persian aggression.  Eventually the Scriptures were translated into Armenian thereby strengthening the church of an entire nation. (Taken from Historic Patterns of Church Growth by Harold R. Cook p.26.)

It reminded me one more time why we are translating the Bible. 60 years ago my parents began studying Cabécar and reducing it to writing. Now there is a growing church, but they still clamor for more of the Scriptures in their own language. Until the entire Bible is translated into Cabécar, the church cannot be all that it could be in terms of faith and impact.

In my last update I introduced a certain Román, whom I believed God had led me to hire to help me draft Old Testament text into Cabécar from Hebrew. I needed someone to help me in Leviticus with names of body parts, all kinds of chopping, cutting, slitting, pouring verbs, and spatial concepts like down, out, on, with in Cabécar. Roman started work on June 11 and has proven himself as an excellent worker. He is adept in both Spanish and his own language and has a very strong personal commitment to Christ. He is catching the vision not only of translating the Bible into his language, but of going to homes and individuals trying to persuade them to read or listen to the Scriptures in their own language. He lives in an area where people have a low view of their own language so this is exciting.

June 30 we had a teaching conference to introduce the translation of Daniel 1-7. August 30-31 we will have two days to work over Leviticus 1-7 with friends from churches all over the mountains. I am looking forward to being able to share with them the wonder of the work of Christ and how we come to God from these chapters.

Aug 2nd five of the kids took me to our other translation site in Valle de la Estrella. Saturdaythey got the place looking nice before leaving Sunday.  David Lopez came and we worked the next ten days on Daniel and final printing issues for the Cabécar New Testament. I am privileged to have such gifted help.

On the home front Keiry keeps the house going and the shelter for our needy friends open. Rebekah is recruiting new patients for this semester and trying to close out loose ends from patients from last semester. Joel thoroughly enjoyed his second quarter at the Esepa Bible ollege. He also accompanied me on a scripture distribution trip to Cabecar and Bribri villages in the south. Hannah continues bossing the guys around at her job and making coffee for them. Mark thinks it should be illegal to have physics on Saturdays this semester after having classes Monday through Friday. Ruth is praying for a good average on the college entrance exam on Sept. 20th. John and Abby continue to enjoy school, help with chores, and doing some home school in English in the evenings.

Keiry and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on July 23rd. We are so grateful to our Father for all his grace and goodness to us. We want to thank each of you too for your gifts, prayers, and care for us during some part or throughout all of these years. May you be blessed and encouraged in return.

Your friends,

Timothy and Keiry Jones.

Construcrtion in Costa Rica

The construction project that the team in Costa Rica have been working on has gone well. Here are some pictures from the field.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Update from Bro. Charles Pinkerton

 It's been an awesome time for Carma & I over this last 17 months. We have moved from Dothan, Al. to Palm Bay, Fl. IIM ministries has also had a great time of ministry over these many months. We have completed some milestones in this season of transition and we are seeking to follow God's leadership.

God has certainly used many of You to get us through.

·        We have completed nine trips in 2013
·        We've had three new church's join us for the first time and we are looking forward to future teams from FBC, Porter, Tx (Costa Rica); FBC Crawfordville, Fl. & Eden Baptist out of Brooksville, Fl.(both to Nicaragua). We want to say welcome to these new churches.
·        A commitment from Dr. James Chong made it possible to pay off the land in Leon, Nic.; the site of Eagle Wings Ministry under pastor Oscar Corea. We were also able to pay off the truck purchased just a few short months ago. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE!
·        A big PRAISE to FBC, Niceville, Fl.; who have taken several trips over the last 4 plus years. They have also been a financial supporter of IIM. I left there over 4 years ago and will have that support until the end of 2013. We are looking forward to teams from there in the future. Church's like this have made it possible for us to  help feed 9,000 children a day, as well as supporting special projects and maintaining the IIM compound in Costa Rica.
·        Two other firsts this year have been a new eyeglass ministry through Rivertown Church in FL. This same church is sponsoring 2 trips to Haiti. We are planning to get much more involved in Haiti.
·        We have closed our ministry after 36 years in Jamaica. Thousands of youth, children and adults came to know Christ as personal savior as a part of the Ministry in Jamaica over the years. Many church's are now doing their own VBS's in Jamaica and dozen's of church's have got involved in mission's for the first time. Many thanks to long time partner's Wynema Pickles, Jim Watkins and Steve Smith of Fl. and co-director Skip Eastman from the North Country.
·        I thank God for new partner's who are making it possible to expand into new ministry areas as well as maintain existing work. THANKS to Paul Smith & Bryan Williams of Rivertown church, David & Patty Melvin of Marianna, Fl., Tommy Melvin & Matt Tadlock, two of 'my guys' who stepped up as leaders in Costa Rica, to Jay Becker, Ryan Roberta, Brittney Hoyt, and Sherlene Loveday all who have a passion for ministry in Nicaragua with Oscar Corea of Eagles Wing Ministries. I want to express a special  thanks to Crawfordville leaders James Bridwell & John Wells, Jason Bennett & pastor Mike of FBC, Wewahitchka, Fl, who partnered with first timer's Eden Baptist of Brooksville, led by pastor Damont Drake and Assoc. Blair Mcbride.
·        Eric Durham continues to provide website coverage for us.

There are five more trips coming together between now and the end of December. YET, BECAUSE OF MANY OF YOU - I HAVE NOT HAD TO LEAVE CARMA'S SIDE DURING HER ILLNESS. She is improving! Keep praying! We want the Lord to be glorified in our lives and ministry. Some of you who have been 'on mission' and would like to share a high light send it to and we will post it on our website.

Pray about our Turrialba, Costa Rica ministry. We need to expand our ministry there to make a difference in  this city. I believe God wants to do something new and exciting there.

Blessings to each of you,

Carma & Charles