Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nicaragua Sports Ministry - May 14, 2012

All is well here in Leon , Nicaragua .

After last night´s big victory, everyone returned home for some well earned rest and relaxation.  Our host, Oscar, gave an incredibly moving testimony after the devotional. 

Today we went started off going to the children’s ward of the primary hospital in Leon .  Needless to say, it was a very touching and sobering experience for us all.  The parents were very gracious and appreciated the clothing and toys given to their sick or injured children.  One young child had severe burns over her chest and neck from spilling soup.  Although the medical treatment in Nicaragua  is free, the medicine and follow up care is not.  Members of the group purchased wound medication for the child and prayed with the parents.  Please pray for all of these children and specifically pray that this child does not end up with infections from her burns. 

After the hospital we traveled for about an hour to the rural areas outside Leon to provide food and entertainment to children.  It was mostly agricultural and the kids were amused by seeing huge pigs and reptiles that looked like smaller versions of Komoto dragons.  We arrived at one school and played games, made puppets, and put on an Oscar worthy performance of David and Goliath.  Goliath was played by none other than 6 foot 4  Allen against the 5 foot 7  David played by Alec.  The story was narrated by the mission translators while the actors played out the story.  Many cheers and smiles were had by the kids when the triumphant David slew the monstrous Goliath with his slingshot.  Afterwards, the group helped prepare the food which included fresh vegetables, chicken and fruit drinks.  Most of the year the childen eat only rice so the vegetables were a very welcome sight. 

We then went to another church after lunch and fed another large group of children followed by soccer clinics which were put on by the boys for the aspiring local soccer stars.  Finally, candy was dispensed via a parachute that spra
yed the candy into the air creating a wild frenzy.  A truly blessed day indeed!
Tomorrow we will be feeding in the morning and building in the afternoon.  Oscar keeps us busy, safe and well fed.