Monday, September 30, 2013

Urgent Need in Pakistan

I am asking if you or your church could help this young pastor to share the Gospel and meet humanitarian needs as well. Please send all money to IIM ASAP and 100% of all money will be sent to Pastor Imron for the Gospel Revival Program.


Bro Charles 

Dear Brother Charles,
Peace Greetings to you!

How are you Brother?  Brother we are praying for you. I have special help request please consider on this. So if you can do any thing for this program please help us to promote the Gospel of Jesus in Pakistan.

Brother our Hananiah Ministry is going to organize a Gospel Revival Program in area name Sadhar bypass in Faisalabad. This is very backward rural area and people are uneducated and do not know about God and God’s word. So last weak me and my ministry visited that area and the people requested  to hear the word of God.

So I want to organize here a program for poor Children and Christian people. Who do not know about Jesus in this area, they have not electricity and do not a good place to live.

Brother in the Program I want to give to children’s clothes, toys, copies, pencils, Bibles and special food in this program. And Program will be in October 5. I will send pictures of that program.

I think this is a good opportunity to spread the word of God through this special program. I can achieve my main goal, which is this; the people Come to Jesus and hear the good news of our Lord Jesus. I shall do these things in this program.

1. Children’s will get gifts.
2. They will eat the food.
3. Peoples will hear word of God.
4. Win souls for Christ.

I ask that you keep remembering this Program in prayer. It will be blessing for the children and poor people of that area. (The total cost for this program is $625). Any amount that you can send will help these poor children and people  of that area.  If you send some gifts for children’s it will be good also.

The $625 includes the cost of Food, Generator for lights, Gifts, Tents, Books, Copies, Stationary, and Transportation.

I need prayers and financial assistance to arrange this Program including these gifts and over all arrangements. Thanks.

May you live long.
Thanks Blessings,
Voice of un-reached
Sonia Naz Greaty.
Hanniah Ministries.