Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Prayers Answered in Nicaragua!!!



God is good! This building you see here is the pharmacy, a clinic, a recovery room and a lab.

The goal is to serve the community and evangelize everyone that comes to receive medical assistance as they will receive free health care, and also to assist our pastors that we are working with through our feeding programs and anyone in their congregation that needs health assistance.

The pharmacy is almost finish and ready to run as soon as we work out a few details such as put up windows, equipped the facilities with furniture and load up the pharmacy with meds.

We will need $ 600.00 dollars a month to run everything mentioned.

We need $200.00 to pay a local Christian Doctor a basic salary a month to see patients on the weekly basis and we need $400.00 to keep the pharmacy stocked with meds to keep it running.

We need you support and prayers. This is a dream come true! A year ago this pharmacy and clinic was only a dream, but  today the Lord has answered our prayers. Thank the Lord first to Him for His honor and glory. We also thank IIM for their support and being the instrument God has used to bless our ministry and thousands of children here in Nicaragua. Also to all those that have supported these projects by giving to this cause, may the Lord keep you and bless you all.