Monday, September 30, 2013

Eagles Wings in Nicaragua - New Ministry Project

The Eagles Wings Organization in Nicaragua with Oscar have begun working with a new church in Nicaragua. The pastor of the church and his wife have taken on the sponsorship of two children a boy and a girl: Oscar Danilo Fletes Romero and Yenifer Centeno. Oscar is a 1st grade boy, DOB: April 6, 2004. His parents are Luis Alberto Flete and Pabla Romero. Oscar likes soccer and the color red. He would like a soccer ball for Christmas. Yenifer is girl in the 2nd grade and her parents are Rebeca Ayala and Franklin Acosta. She had 5 brothers and 1 sister. She would like a bicycle for Christmas. Yeni lives with her older sister. Her older sister came to the dump when she was only 7. By age 11 their mother had died and she being the oldest sister began taking care of her 5 brothers and Yeni. The sister is now married and the couple is taking care of the brothers and Yeni. This family is very active in church. The pastor recommended Yeni and her family because of their need and faithful work in the church. Please be in prayer because Yeni and her family will be the next family to get a new house built when the funds become available.