Friday, June 1, 2012

Photos for the May Nicaragua Sports Missions Trip

The Mission Teams often visit local hospitals and visit with children who are sick although many times they see children that are burned in accidents including many from the dump.

 This little boy had been burned in an accident. He had been badly burned in a cooking accident.

 IIM and Oscar have been working with roughly 200 families that live in and around the dump. They hunt in the garbage in the dump for food or items to sell to buy food. This dump is often burning under the surface and is the reason many children are burned each year as they try to feed themselves.

The Mission Sports team from Florida represented Florida well as they play well, earned some respect from local teams and shared the Gospel with lots of young people.

It was a great blessing to get to build into the lives of so many desperate children. IIM and Oscar feed almost 10,000 women and children a day in Nicaragua. It is a huge mission that they could use everyone help in reach out and feeding people physically and spiritually.