Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tallahassee Family Team Update - Day 2

Hola friends, family and prayer partners! 

Today everyone was up very early.  When it gets daylight around 5am each day I guess it's hard to sleep late.  Around 9:30am we headed to our first puppet performance at a local public school.  We had visited this school last year and they were very excited to see us return.  Our kids did a great job with their performance and we handed out many gift bags to the teachers and goodie bags to a classroom of children.  They were all very excited and thankful to receive their goodies.

After lunch we headed to an orphanage that we visited last year.  They have about 10 kids at this orphanage and many of the kids we remembered from last year were no longer there.  We hope that these kids have found a family.  Our kids did another great job with their puppet performance.  After the puppets we had several stations of games setup for the children to play;  bubbles, bowling game, frisbees, ballon animals, sidwalk chalk and badmiton.  We all stayed busy and had a great deal of fun playing with these kids.  They brought a smile to each of us and believe we brought a smile to them as well. 

Tomorrow will be filled with a lot of different activities from pouring a new sidewalk in front of the church, painting kitchen cabinets, cleaning the pavilion area and tiding up the Messenger of Hope Church worship area.  We so appreciate everyone's prayers and support and know that we couldn't be here or do it without you!  Continue to pray for our safety and that we will allow God to stretch us over the next several days.

In Christ,
Johnson Family