Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Costa Rica Update - Day 5 & 6

Family and Friends,

Monday morning, our team loaded up our gear and took the two hour bus ride to Grano de Oro, home of Timothy and Kiery Jones, missionaries to the Cabecar Indians.  It is a beautiful drive through the mountains, first on gravel, then on mud roads.  Once we arrived, everyone was put to work cleaning or doing construction projects throughout the missionary compound.  The ladies on the team also were able to spend time teaching many of the women of the village how to crochet.  After a long, muddy day of work, we gathered together in the evening to listen to Timothy and Kiery's account of how God put them together and how he guided their missionary work to the Cabecar.  After World War II, Timothy's father was led to this remote area of Costa Rica to teach the Cabecar about Christ and to help translate the New Testament into their language.  He first had to help them establish a written language.  Timothy has continued this work by updating his father's translation of the New Testament and by translating the Old Testament.  They are also working on an audio version of the Bible in the Cabecar language.  This is a very brief description of their work.  We look forward to sharing the details with all of you in person at a later time.  The Jones’ have an amazing ministry, and everyone was so blessed by being able to take part in a small way.

On Tuesday the team performed our puppet show and did crafts with the children at the Indian school in Grano de Oro.  After a quick lunch, we headed back to Turrialba.  We were all sad to leave the mountain.  Once we were back in Turrialba, we performed the puppet show again and distributed clothing at the local feeding program.  Some of the kids were also able to share their testimonies through our interpreters as a part of our presentation.  This has been a big step of faith for many of them.  Please pray for them as we continue to share our faith on this trip.

Thank you for your prayers.
Louie and Suzie Serna.