Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tallahassee Family Team - Day 4 Costa Rica

This morning the old men among us shuffled their sore bodies to the coffee pot to seek recovery from Saturday's labor of laying a concrete sidewalk in front of the church.  We opened with a lesson among the group from Matthew 10 followed by a service in Spanish at the church founded in 2005 by IIM, Messenger of Hope.  Pastor Pinkerton spoke and Ruth Martinez, the resident Pastor's wife, translated his message about Judas' act of betrayal of Christ even after 3 years of walking with Jesus and observing his miracles. Pinkerton reminded us that even such closeness and knowledge of Christ is not sufficient without a relationship in Jesus.  Several local people came forward in response to an alter call for prayer and we and others touched them and prayed for them. (God translated.)

After church we lunched on a traditional Costa Rican meal of beans, rice, fried plan tans and fish, chicken or steak at a local restaurant then walked to a nearby shaded, city park followed by ice cream (2 scoops for most).  This afternoon we gave clothes and other supplies to Pastor Juan for a new school being started by a church.  Then we gave clothing, soccer balls, games, toys and toiletries to ladies from a special needs organization.  Both groups were very pleased to receive the items and the gifts should open doors for relationships for other teams. Our children played soccer and American football with local children in the unpaved street adjacent to our resort.  (Both balls went over the neighbor's fence...more gifts.)

This evening we ate Tamales, beans and rice (all excellent), enjoyed the rain under the pavilion, and made crafts--even Dad's were gluing stuff. 

We celebrated Rhodes Heath's 13th birthday with a Costa Rican pound cake and Joy and JoJo made a special gift for Rhodes.  


Heath familia