Thursday, March 29, 2012

Last Day's Agenda

Here is an update from Kevin regarding the Spring Break mission's teams agenda for the last day. As he says and everyone knows - things can change because God's plans are bigger than our plans.

Getting ready for our last full day in Nicaragua. On the agenda (which could change):

Early Breakfast
Drive to the city dump and feed the children that live there.
Do a Bible school and activity.
Work to paint 2 houses that were just built at the dump site.
Eat a packed lunch.
Go and help with another feeding station.
Do a Bible school and activity.
Participate in a church service where I get to preach (5th day of preaching in a row)
Return to Oscar's house for supper and team debriefing time.

I'm praying that God makes the sun stand still so we can get it all in. God has incredible things in store for today.