Sunday, May 10, 2015


Hello from Haiti:

What a delightful week!!!  Chets Creek Church combined with the University of North Florida to being us new computers for the computer lab.  The university students loaded the computers with educational software.  They brought the computers to Haiti and are teaching our teachers how to use the new software.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each afternoon I have devotion with the cooks and cleaning people.  I love doing this.  These people love the Lord with all their hearts.  I have much to learn about faith from them.    Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We still need summer school teachers.  Time is running out to apply for this.   It helps the children so much to have an American teacher for reading in English in the summer.  We can tell which ones have had summer school by how well they read.  We will hold summer school with as many teachers as we get.  Please keep summer school in prayer.

We would also love to have people who can teach computer skills this summer to our teachers and older students.  They need to learn Windows, Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.  This could be done with different teachers coming for 1 week at a time.  Please keep this in prayer.

I am so glad I decided to follow Jesus.  I am so glad I answered the call to come to Haiti.  I have never regretted either decision.  I love seeing the progress the children are making.  We are teaching future doctors and lawyers and senators and evangelists, etc.  They will go out and do things I can never do.  And they will go out with Jesus in their hearts.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for making it possible for me to be here.  Thank you for making it possible for these children to be in school.  Thank you for caring about children in Haiti.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless you,