Friday, August 23, 2013

A Good Word From Haiti

Greetings from Haiti,

I am starting school in Haiti for the 14th time.  WOW!!!  How time flies when you're having fun!!!!!  I would not be here without the people back in the USA who pray for me and support the ministry.  Thank you for allowing me to be in Haiti!   May the Lord bless you as you have blessed me!!!!!

This has been clean up week.  The janitorial staff has been working hard cleaning ceiling fans, wiping fingerprints, etc. in an effort to have the classrooms spiffy clean when the teachers return next week.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!

We are truly blessed with a wonderful support staff.  Teachers are important, but you just try running a school without janitors!!!!!   These people are often ignored but are very important.  The janitors are also our baby feeders.  So, as a thank you, we took the janitors and cooks and orphanage staff out for pizza!  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!

Another school year is starting.  We have done a major re-shuffling of teachers and schedules.  Many teachers in Haiti have not finished high school.  We have teachers who were "high school dropouts" when they started teaching.  They were very intelligent and willing to work hard, but lacked money for tuition.  We encouraged them to go back and finish high school and we paid the tuition.  I will always remember the sight of Jack dancing in the schoolyard when he passed Philo, the last Haitian exam!!!!  He suddenly saw himself as the capable, intelligent person he is!  Now, Jack is in 4th year of university.  Our high school dropout will be teaching in high school this year!  He is one of our best teachers!!!!! Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!

We have 1 teacher finishing high school and 5 teachers in Quisqueya University.  Tuition averages about $1250 per semester, 3 semesters per year.  By the end of August, I will need tuition money for these teachers.  Education changes lives!!  Our teachers will change the lives of students who will change the lives of their families and neighborhoods.  It will go on and on and on. This program works!!!!!   But I need help with the tuition!!!  Please pray that these teachers can continue going to the university.  Haiti needs good Christian teachers!

Please continue to pray for long term help here.  The ministry has grown - the staff needs to grow also.  Micah & Rachel & David have been doing a wonderful job, but we need more.  We need teachers and administrators and organizers and all sorts of people.  I know Papa is speaking to them!  Pray they have ears to hear and willing hearts.

Teachers arrive on Tuesday.  Please keep our new school year in prayer.  We are adding a classroom and putting another class in a storeroom because there just is not enough space. 

Please continue to keep our legal issues in prayer.  We now have 2 Haitian attorneys working on our case to force the man who deceived us into returning the money he has for the land he tried to sell us but did not own. 
In the meantime, we are still searching for the best place to house the orphanage.  That land is not available but I know Papa has a plan.  The Lord knew before the creation of the earth that this would happen.  Papa has it all under control.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!  Please pray the thief accepts Jesus and becomes our friend!

Here's a God story for today. David flew to Ft. Pierce, Florida from Haiti for medical treatment for a blood clot in his leg. He was going to rent a car to drive to Alabama. Laura and Leonard Bell told him Leonard would come get him because he shouldn't be driving. It occurred to him last night he did not have a drivers license with him so he would not have been able to rent a car. He got a ride with some folks (Mike & Bonnie) from south Florida to Jacksonville who were on the same flight. These folks only had cash, but you can't rent a car with cash. David had a credit card. The folks would have been stuck without David and David would have been stuck without them. God opened up the schedule so Leonard could come get him.  Another twist, Leonard randomly chose a hotel for everyone to meet at. He picked one directly across the street from Mike's sister's neighborhood, which is where Mike & Bonnie planned to spend the night!  There are no coincidences, but God's hand at work.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!! 

God bless you,

Sherrie Fausey
Christian Light School and Children's Home - Haiti
PO Box 2190

St. Augustine, FL 32085-2190