Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Matt's Trip to Costa Rica

We were able to finish the work at both Godwall’s and put the roof on the other church for Pastor Juan. We also went to the orphanage. The group had a great time and we got everything done that we needed to accomplish, including the VBS as well.

We were very pleased with the way our week went in Costa Rica. Sat. we arrived & were transported to your place without a problem. Sunday am we went to church & Damon preached with Ruth as an interpreter. Several of our guys assisted with the Lords Supper during the service. The church ladies had a luncheon for all of us. Then VBS started a 3pm. A bus brought around 15-20 kids to join the 10 already there. (31 kids ) Great evening with the children. We had a chalk picture done on the birth of Jesus by Don in our opening while I spoke and Pauline  interpreted.  We got up on Monday & the ladies went to the city park with Matt to witness & pass out packs of gum, while the guys worked on the drainage problem.. Cliff went with Tommy to assess the situation at Juans church in the country. Monday at 3pm VBS again, this time Sammy taught  with Ruth as interpreter. Another chalk drawing on the death of Jesus. VBS was great! More kids today (total 53 kids) Tuesday am  guys  worked on drain  & gutters. Ladies prepared for VBS party. Tuesday at 3pm VBS & party (Birthday party for Jesus)  (total 67 kids). This story was on the Resurrection of Jesus. Chalk picture done while Aimee acted out part, Ruth interpreted. For 45 min. at the end of VBS we had a great time with noise makers, balloons & such. Seemed to be quite a success. Wed. up  early to go to mountains with Godwall but he canceled trip, so we all went to the park to witness & pass Chiclets gum with Spanish words (Christ Loves You!) and tracts. It was a success. Ate lunch then to the orphanage to visit with children. This was a great time. The workers there were very sweet & allowed us to look inside & take pictures. We left all the children bags of goodies as well as giving the leader many balls & supplies. On to church that evening where several of our group gave testimonies. Thursday up early @ 530 to be ready to paint basketball court @ 6am. How beautiful it turned out! We left around 8:30 am to go to Juans church to work. We got to visit the school, play with kids in the park,  have church @3pm with Juan. The guys were trying to finish before the rain came, did not happen. Finally got done all soaked to the bone but it was great to see it finished. Tommy ,Cessna, Matt & Cliff tore the bad boards down on Wed. What a hard job that must have been. The week proved to be very busy by the time supplies were bought , transported, unloaded etc. You will see a list attached as to what was done during the week.   Everyone worked hard. We had a free day so we went  rafting with Matt. We all loved it. I felt free to do this because each youth had a parent there so I would not have that responsibility in case someone got hurt.

I wish I would have had more information on how things would line out before we went we did not know until 1:00 on Sun who would lead VBS at 3:00 when Ruth told Matt it would be us. God does get the glory! It all worked out even though it was hour to hour decision making. I wish we could have had more interpreters to work with us in VBS classes. Our group feels the need to know Spanish. Tommy was instrumental in all we did, he took care of all our needs at the house. The food Indra cooked was great! We were not aware of the last day needing to have food on our own. We found out that not many places take credit cards I think that is something the next groups should know.  Matt did a great job getting info from Godwall  and sharing it with us, as well as getting us around town to get supplies. I think it was one of the best places we have been for a Mission trip the accommodations were great and it is simply beautiful there. The people are also very kind although most are Catholic & do not have a relationship with  Jesus. If you need more info please call. Theresa