Friday, September 14, 2012

Help Needed in Nicaragua - Oscar

Oscar desperately needs help now in Nicaragua!!!

Item #1:
We need help with the Christmas outreach celebration for the children in December. We are trying to get this request out early so that everyone will have enough time to help us raise the needed funds. The cost per child this year is $3.00. We want to share the love of Christ in a practical way by getting each child one toy and preparing a nice meal for them. We hope to make a big day of it in the villages by bringing in clowns and having piƱatas and candy with music in the back ground. It will be an all day activity where we will share the gospel with the adults that come on that day. Last year we were able to bless and put smiles on the faces of 3500 children with the help and support of IIM. This year we are waiting to see what God will do and you could be a part of this event. Please keep in mind that many of these children will never get a toy on Christmas unless we step up and do something because their parents can't afford to buy them anything in most cases.

Item #2:
We need help to be able to make the monthly payments on the new land where we have the warehouse used to store the food for the feeding units. This food is used to feed over 9000 thousand children a day in the different villages and cities in remote areas in Nicaragua. The monthly payment is $1200 for 12 months. We have been doing ok with payments with teams funds but as the year ends we do not have any more teams. Our September trip canceled therefore we will not have the extra funds to make payments until teams pick up next year. Anything we can come up with the owner will take and subtract it from the total amount. We are blessed that he is not very demanding on the time or the money. We will not have to pay any extra taxes on the land.

Item #3:
We also desperately need to update our truck. The white Chevrolet we have has a gasoline engine and is constantly breaking down. We are spending a lot of our resources to keep it running plus it uses a lot of fuel. If we could replace it with a better 4-wheel drive diesel truck that would be a big help! We must have a truck to deliver the food to the churches and villages where we feed the children. Many pastors, churches and villages are in the mountains in places we can only reach with a 4-wheel drive truck. This truck is also our primary way to get around to do sports ministry and all the other ministries God has sent us to do.

There are other needs in the ministry but we consider that these three are the main ones for now.

Thank you all for taking the time to read our needs. Please pray about them. On behalf of my family, our ministry and all the children and lives that we are able to touch because of your obedience to come down or to give to help the kingdom grow in Nicaragua thank you and may the Lord bless you.  

With Love in Christ always,

Oscar Corea and family