Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Team Tractor Project - $20,000 Goal

The Team Tractor Project grew out of a vision by Bill Snyder. Bill and his daughter went on their 1st international Christian mission trip, sponsored by International Impact Ministries, with a group of middle school and high school students from Celebration Baptist Church, Tallahassee, FL to Costa Rica, in June, 2010.  The group  helped a second generation missionary family by working with them on their coffee farm in the Talamanca Mountains.  Bill went again with another group of students to the same location in August, 2011. 

This missionary family has been in the Talamanca Mountain jungle area since 1952 learning and writing the language of the native Chirripo Indians or Cabecars, as they are now called.  This Indian tribe is one of the eight indigenous ethnic groups in Costa Rica.  The missionaries' goal is to give the Word of God, in written form, to the Cabecar Indians.  The Cabecar New Testament was dedicated after 40 years.  During this time Aziel and Marian Jones raised eight children.  One of their sons, Timothy and his wife Katie and their six children live on the coffee farm and are now beginning to translate the Old Testament.  Timothy told me it is expected to take the next 20 years.

Timothy is incredible with building buildings and repairing and maintaining everything on the farm.  He does it all with mostly old, worn hand tools - no motorized equipment!  The basic equipment on any farm is a tractor.  They would love to have one...but the cost is knew that it would take a miracle. 

IIM and their volunteers have taken on the project of raising money for a tractor.