Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Celebration Baptist in Costa Rica

Today was a busy day for us. Rodolfo and Bill helped work on constructing a house. Melinda taught Abby and John their school work so that Timothy and Katie could focus on going to town or getting other things done. The rest of the group began digging a hole for a septic tank. They broke down trees and roots, shoveling away. Sticks and stones didn't break any of our bones! In fact, other than a few minor scratches we are all still healthy. Definitely an answer to prayer. Timothy was very encouraging. He made sure we understood that what we do is a huge help to them. It enables them to get things done and focus on ministry.

Tomorrow we will continue work on the septic tank and the house. We will also begin planting 400 Cypress trees. Please pray for no rain and continued safety for all.