Monday, June 13, 2011

TN Team in Costa Rica

The Team from TN arrived in Costa Rica Saturday evening. Caleb Hodges, a young powerful pastor and Bro Charles (IIM) preached in the two Sunday morning services at a local church in the city of Yurrialba. God’s power and spirit were very evident in these services with over 300 decisions during these two services!

The TN group had a children’s activity at 4PM at the Messenger of Hope church. Over 100 children came out with their parents! This proved to be an awesome time filled with Bible stories, ice cream, goodies and gifts. During this activity many young parents were reached who had been previously unchurched.

Sunday night 4 men left out headed up in the mountains to work with missionary Timothy Jones for a few days. Please continue to pray that the group has a mighty week here in Costa Rica!